Do you like Sci-fi, Action and adventure? Do you like self-empowered, sexy heroines who know how to kick ass?
Do you like reading stories that make your heart race, pulse pound and keep you on the edge of your seat?

Well then, you've come to the right place! Ray Hansen, the creator of Nina Steel Adventures knows just what you want and has given it to you in his first four novels of his nine book series. Genetically engineered Nina Steel and her four counterparts all but jump out of the pages at you in their bid to save the world from terrorism. The action in this series is so breathtaking, you'll have to remind yourself to exhale. Nina Steel kicks ass like no one else ever could. She's the worst nightmare of any terrorist or drug dealer, no matter where they may be lurking.
So turn off the hook, feed the pets, lock your doors and raid the refrigerator. Because once you start reading a Nina Steel Adventure, you won't be able to stop! Pick up one or all of these books, in this incredibly popular series, at your favorite book seller today. Or now download it to your device!


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Nina Steel drinks Coca Cola